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  • Bridney C.

A Creepy Crawly Discussion with Spooktastic YouTuber, Showstopper568

By Bridney C.

"Halloween will always have a special spot in my heart," says Kevin Ramos. Photographed by Bridney Casillas.

Since we last interviewed YouTuber and game streamer, ShowStopper568 a.k.a. Kevin Ramos in July, we at the Sweet Scoop Media have checked back in with him and he has updated us on what he has been up to recently.

"I've been good lately, and I have been doing a lot of work on my channel. I have been trying every possible way to help it grow, and so far, it is going great," says Ramos, 22.

The YouTuber from New London, Connecticut, says he has some new exciting games to play for his channel. He also recently purchased a new gaming setup he recently vlogged about on his YouTube to get double the work done for editing and to see how recording is going during his livestreams.

One of his recent streams on his channel has been on the suspense-horror video game Wick. In the game, a person has to play as a small candle, who is trapped in a dark cathedral during the plague and has to escape a monster trying to extinguish the candle's light.

"Wick is a game I never heard about, and I never knew it even existed. I was randomly going through Steam, and I found a perfect mini horror game for free."

What he likes most about Wick is that it shows the player how difficult it can be to maneuver around in the game when you're smaller than average size, and he likes how creepy the enemies are.

"The candle is absolutely adorable, and I could easily pet it if I could," says Ramos.

Kevin Ramos at his gaming setup with the Wick video game menu on Steam, an online video game distribution website.

Don't Be Afraid, which is a PC survival horror game, is one of the many thrilling games Ramos says he is excited to play for his future channel streams. Dark Fracture, another upcoming PC horror game he streamed himself playing the demo version, is another one he is thrilled to start playing.

He is patiently anticipating the release of Resident Evil 8, which comes out next year in 2021. Resident Evil is Ramos' favorite horror video game series.

"They [the video games] all have the horror vibe that I love... Really spooky, you never know what it throws at you."

As Spooky Season creeps up on us, Ramos says his favorite fall activity to do is visiting haunted houses. An avid apple and pumpkin picker, he also says he enjoys both seasonal activities, finding them to be calm and peaceful.

The hair-raising YouTuber says Halloween will always have a special spot in his heart, especially as he gets older because he considers it to be fun and memorable.

Ramos has chosen to be Carlos Oliveira from the horror video game, Resident Evil for Halloween this year, and hopes to dress up him next year. If he had a second option, he says he would have chosen to dress up as the DC superhero, the Green Arrow.

"I personally love Halloween, everyone can dress up, be scary, and spooky. Halloween is the year of candy, and it's also a spooky time where anyone can scare you without even trying."

One thing about Halloween Ramos is looking forward to is playing an upcoming sci-fi game that releases on October 31st, called Little Hope. In the game, a person plays as a group of teenagers who are abandoned in a town called Little Hope.

The young teens experience several scary situations, such as encountering the souls of people who died in that town. The main objective is to make sure everyone survives, with reminders throughout the game warning the player to make wise decisions on what the character should do or what path they should take.

Ramos says the best thing about being a YouTuber is the thrill of playing horror games because it produces an exhilarating feeling every time he gets scared. He says he enjoys it and is grateful for all the subscribers he has that pay attention to his channel and weekly videos.

"I love getting scared it is one of the best feelings ever. It shows that being scared is normal, and it motivates me to create more content."

For more updates and to see more from Kevin Ramos, be sure to follow him on Instagram @i_am_ss568, Twitter @showstopper568, and Twitch under the username, im_show_stopper.


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