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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] Alyssa Lotus - "Don't Come Back"

By Bridney C.

Single Cover Artwork for "Don't Come Back"

Connecticut-based singer-songwriter Alyssa Lotus debuted her single, "Don't Come Back" on February 1st on all streaming platforms. Despite the rising R&B singer hailing from a small suburban town, she has made strong connections and has been working closely with other big name artists in the nutmeg state, including her manager Sonny Daytons.

"Don't Come Back" is a sweet, atmospheric track from Miss Lotus that will blow you away with her vocal range. Her purpose is to build a story around vivid imagery crafted around standout production that causes the listener to just sit back and enjoy.

"I'm tired of you breaking my door / Feeling that you could just run me... You don't / You won't run me," sings Alyssa Lotus in the first verse.

Her calming voice leaves the listener entranced at how well-executed her delivery is. Alyssa has a youthful spirit and a refreshing brand of pop that is brought to life by introspective lyrics that tell the story of a female protagonist who sings about her abusive ex who decided to walk away from the relationship.

"Now look at me walk away / It's not a phase / Stop begging me just to stay / Please go away," sings the 22-year-old in the second verse.

Dramatic piano chords and steady drumming create a strong Demi Lovato-like sound, which simultaneously captures the emotive crooning style. This balance between indie-pop and R&B holds absolutely nothing back and makes the song all that much more lively.

It's always refreshing to watch an artist build their sounds and progress with their music. Miss Lotus is undoubtedly one of the top artists to be on the lookout for 2021.

"Don't Come Back" can be heard on Spotify and YouTube.

To hear and see more from Alyssa Lotus, be sure to follow her on

Instagram @alyssalotus22 and Facebook at Alyssa Lotus.


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