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Digitally Created: The Work of Travis Seabourne

Hartford-based Digital Illustrator Talks Being a Crypto Artist & How Educational Television Shows Inspired His Art

By Bridney C.

Travis Seabourne, a digital artist from Hartford, Connecticut

28-year-old Travis Seabourne is a self-taught digital artist and painter who specializes in creating portraits for people. Residing in Hartford, he is inspired by everyday people ranging from close friends to celebrities. He prefers to sketch individuals he feels he could portray in a new, creative environment that compliments the subject.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Travis, and his family moved to Connecticut in 2003. In his youth, Travis loved drawing and creating art. He also enjoyed reading comics and watching children's educational shows. He sketched out animals and seascapes in his free time, citing Nat Geo Kids and Animal Planet as influences in his early art.

In between taking tests and assignments in middle school, he would go into the computer lab and digitally sketched random shapes, patterns, and animals in software programs such as Paint. His reason for falling in love with art is "seeing something and wanting to recreate it artistically."

Travis admits that sometimes he received inside suspensions for being late back to class because he spent time drawing in the computer lab. He considers creating art as an escape from reality and gets lost in his world.

Abstract Badu, 2021. Digital Illustration. 30" x 40"

His introduction to being a digital artist came from building the confidence to finish his early sketches, drawings, and paintings. During the beginning of stages of playing with programs, he loved redoing and fixing his digital artwork if he messed up, compared to traditional artists who do not have that leisure.

"Art is a way of healing for me in the sense you can turn someone’s whole day around with a beautiful self-portrait or a piece with a deep message explained on the backend of it."

He uses programs such as Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, X Light, and Snapseed interchangeably whenever he creates a digital portrait. On average, he completes a digital portrait in less than two hours.

Referring to himself as a "Crypto Artist," Travis says crypto art is a "digital artist dream," where artists can access a blockchain, a service where users can buy art from independent merchants. The blockchain is a service that processes cryptocurrencies and transactions. Inside the blockchain, there are digital art markets where millions of pieces are traded for digital collections.

The digital collections can be traded in the form of a digital file called an NFT, a non-fungible token. Travis finds crypto art profitable for starving artists and says it is an emerging art genre on the rise where customers can download printable artwork.

His rates for custom illustrations are as follows:

  • Canvas Prints Starting at $190 USD

  • Custom Canvases Up to $500 USD

"My message of giving people their roses while they are still here to smell them channeled through the art is a healing process in itself to me."


Willow Vybz, 2021. Digital Illustration. 18" x 24"

Be sure to follow Trav Seabourne on Instagram

and his digital portfolio can be accessed here.

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