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  • Bridney C.

Songwriting & Singing with Bryan Alfred

The 4 AM R&B Singer Explains The Inspiration Behind His Single, His Songwriting Techniques, & Upcoming Projects

By Bridney C.

Connecticut-based R&B singer-songwriter & producer, Bryan Alfred

Bryan Alfred is a singer-songwriter and producer from Hartford, Connecticut, whose single 4 AM caught the attention of Sweet Scoop Media. The mature and sensual-sounding song compliments his smooth and soft vocals.

Perfect to listen to during anyone's love-making session, 4 AM blends melodic flows and a slow-paced beat that embodies the song with ease. It is also filled with harmonies and soulful vocals that impress the listener.

27-year-old Bryan Alfred

The 27-year-old's musical sound is best described as being a blend of genres ranging from alternative R&B to Pop stemming from artists he enjoys listening to such as The Weeknd and Trey Songz. Before settling on combining those genres into his music, Bryan says it took a lot of time to discover and test out new sounds before he found his own.

Going with the vibes of the melodies and mood, he thought about the time 4 AM and noted that people consider it to be a mischievous hour. He used his imagination to create a sultry topic to write about, which love and romance are typical themes Bryan Alfred explores.

4 AM is about a woman being stood up by her man for the last time. After being stood up more than three times, she decides to move on with another man she takes a romantic interest in. The song also touches on the sex life of the woman and her newfound love with the lyrics "hit me when he take that next flight/when I'll make you climax on site."

Self-produced, 4 AM was created inside his home studio and to him, was a coincidence that all of the sounds "spoke" to him as he pieced them together. "I put some herbs to char, mixed with some wine, and went with the vibes until I finished," says Bryan.

Considering it to be one of his proudest moments while making music, he had only been making beats for two months up until 4 AM was conceived. He says the transition was a big accomplishment for him, and enjoyed the exciting process.

His favorite way to write is alone, especially when he is feeling inspired with headphones on, listening to a beat for hours. He usually works on between four to five new records he molds into finished projects in one sitting.

Whenever he suffers from writers' block and is stuck on writing a verse for too long, he moves on to composing another song and will come back to what he was previously stuck on. When writing lyrics, Bryan says he thinks about how his audience can relate to it.

"Secondly, I ask myself if I like it. As artists, we try to please our fans most, but ultimately if you’re not creating music that pleases you, then you are never going to be happy with the process or creations.

Born in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, Bryan, and his family came to the United States in 2012, settling in Hartford, Connecticut. His parents loved music and played it frequently in the household.

"My father loved rock music, while my mother would blast her freestyle and Spanish urban records."

He listened to different genres throughout his childhood, and it inspired him to start writing music at age 10. Bryan was encouraged and inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, The Weeknd, and Drake.

I am currently working on an EP that will be releasing sometime this year. As a way to connect with his fans, Bryan is also currently working on sharing more social media content that would combine his music and personal journey.

He plans to release a new single before the beginning of summer, along with a string of other songs leading up to the release date. He has been working behind the scenes staying consistent with making visuals, being a guest artist on features, and booking shows for the rest of the year.

Listen to 4 AM below and let us know what you think in the comments!


To hear and see more from Bryan Alfred, be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can stream his music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel, TikTok, and LÜM.

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