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Interview with Clothing Designer, Celeste Turner

Meet the Georgia-based Clothing Designer and Businesswoman of Celestialcrocreations

By Bridney C.

Celeste Turner, an independent fashion designer and owner of Celestialcrocreations

Celeste Turner is an independent clothing designer and businesswoman from Georgia. Her well-known brand, Celestialcrocreations specializes in custom, trendy clothes for women.

She hand makes her clothes in the form of crocheting, a process of creating materials by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials. Celeste has released an array of clothes, including dresses, blouses, and two-piece outfits.

Handmade white dress - one of Celeste's favorite designs.

Her brand is popular on Instagram, and her original account gained close to 14,000 followers. After her account and website were hacked, she restarted her social media.

Deciding it was time for a start, Celeste created a new Instagram account, and luckily, it is gaining back its original number of supporters. Her daughter models her clothing designs, with each post averaging 300 likes. Celeste is involved with creating her own content on social media by photographing and set-designing every photoshoot.

"You are who you are, so live who you are... I am a paraplegic and I love every part of me," says Celeste.

Originally from Racine, Wisconsin, Celeste currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and grew up in an artsy household where she watched her aunt sew. She always had an interest in art since she was a child and her uncle loved to draw.

She has always loved working with her hands and tapping into her creativity. Aside from crocheting, she paints and illustrates in her free time.

Celeste is self-taught and learned to crochet six years ago while driving around with her husband. After coming across a huge dumpster filled with trash from a burned-down house.

She saw a bag of yarn on top of the heap of trash and asked her husband to climb up the dumpster and retrieve it. "He [my husband] said if I get this yarn for you, you better make something," says Celeste.

Two-tone brown and black dress

The clothes she designs represent her bold, beautiful, and trendy style. Most notably, her clothes are a reflection of her and her creative side. On average, Celeste releases four new clothing pieces each month.

It takes a few hours up to four days for Celeste to complete any outfit. Her favorite yarn to use is acrylic, and she prefers to work with a 5-millimeter hook.

The inspirations for her clothes are ideas that come to her mind while she works on new design pieces. Celeste crochets in the mornings and at night, with most of her clothing designs taking between a few hours to four days to complete.

"Celestial is a part of my name.. and that day at the dumpster it was a celestial being guiding us. Cro is short for crochet, and creations are for my pieces that I creatively create freehand."

Her top three favorite designs she has made include a white dress, her first piece to go viral on social media. Her second favorite, a two-tone brown and black dress, was a recreation of the white dress she sold at a fashion show. Lastly, her orange 3-piece outfit was the first piece she used hardware.

She hopes to one day catch the eye of a celebrity and crochet something for them. She also hopes to one day have her clothes displayed in New York Fashion Week and design clothes for Ivy Park, a clothing line by singer Beyoncé.

"I love the woman’s body, and it is a work of art in its self. So, for me to design a unique piece helps me bring that masterpiece together," says Celeste.


Celeste's daughter models the orange 3-piece outfit.

Be sure to follow Celeste Turner on Instagram @celestialcrocreations

for new clothing releases and updates.

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