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  • Bridney C.

[Music Video] Demery - "Stay"

Connecticut-based Artist Releases New Chill and Reflective Music Video

By Bridney C.

Norwich rapper, Demery released his first-ever music video for his song, Stay. Released on May 25th, the song explores the feelings of emptiness and longing - all while maintaining a hip-melancholy mood throughout.

Demery’s self-produced single Stay is moody, reflective, and chill. The alternative song combines trap and hip-hop elements. Diving into the nuance and complexities of human interactions, the song explores the strength of musical resilience despite the toxicity and harsh judgment of others.

Directed by Skuli Films, the music video serves as a visual following Demery around various locations from Franklin Wildlife Refuge to interior shots in his home reminiscing on a long lost love.

"I've been socially awkward / stress levels changing my posture / my brain needs a new password / they keep getting in faster," says Demery, who hopes to heal himself and possibly see his lost love again.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday afternoon blasting the chill sounds of Demery. Watch his video below and let us know what you think!

To hear and see more from Demery, be sure to follow him on

Instagram @demery525 and Twitter @demery98


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