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  • Bridney C.

Fancy Kingz Discusses Music & Fashion in Exclusive Interview

Meet the Texan Rapper, Fashion Designer, & Entrepreneur Who Shares His Love for Music with the Sweet Scoop

By Bridney C.

Houston-based rapper and entrepreneur Fancy Kingz is among one of the rising artists in his home state of Texas. His music centers around the themes of love, productivity, and self-worth with the help of catchy and swift rhymes, 808s, and bass-boosting instrumentals that add a refreshing blend of unicity to his music.

Combined with distinct sounds and versatile flows, he has released a string of songs that have been well-received by his fans. He is also the owner of his music label, Kingz Private Label, and owns an independent clothing line.

His clothing line, Kingz Private Label is a collaborative effort between him and his friends. Their brand sells clothing such as leggings, bomber jackets, and socks.

Born in Warri, Nigeria, his family moved to Hong Kong when he was three-years-old. At the age of 10, his family emigrated to the United States and settled in Texas.

"There was no support for music in my family, however, they are coming along. But, I became heavy into the church, so that is the first music experience I had when I was a kid," says Fancy.

He grew up around music and enjoyed listening to it as a child. When Fancy attended high school, he started freestyling with friends and began writing. He sang R&B songs in the shower as he got ready for school in the mornings.

Working on music since 2010, Fancy has recorded 30 songs total and has released 18 songs for listeners to enjoy exclusively on iHeartRadio. Artists who inspire Fancy's music and sound include J. Cole, Future, and Ed Sheeran.

"Every time I leave the studio or write a song, I feel like I learn more about myself. I sometimes have to rewrite a song multiple times so that it easier to digest and others can relate and not just me."

Houston-based artist, Fancy Kingz

According to Fancy, music provides spiritual healing for creatives and allows artists to discover a new side to themselves. He believes it is essential for artists to write their own songs, allowing artists to tell a story.

His top three favorite songs he has written and released include "Bartender," which was inspired by a road trip he took to a recording studio where he slept overnight. The in-house producer created the beat from scratch, and he wrote the first verse, starting with "one life to live, she’s the livest one."

Another favorite of his, "In the Stu" is a freestyle he recorded and fell in love with the positive vibe the song brought to him. Lastly, "Chyna White" is a song he recorded at 19-years-old, the second time he ever stepped foot inside a studio. He hopes to inspire his fans to reach their goals and become successful through his music.

He is currently involved in a project, allowing his fans to write a song with him. "To qualify, they have to follow me on Instagram, and I have more surprises coming up. During March Madness, they will have an opportunity to collaborate with me," says Fancy. Another upcoming project of his is an album release in the summer of 2021.

Fancy looks forward to having a great year by expanding his fanbase and gaining more opportunities. He also looks forward to having a great 2021 and hopes to release music that will reach a wide variety of audiences.

"It takes time to get the inevitable goal by being consistent and creative," says Fancy.

To hear and see more from Fancy Kingz, be sure to follow him on Instagram @fancykingz Visit his website, to buy merchandise and music.


Calvin Sims
Calvin Sims
Mar 12, 2021

Real nice 💯💯💯💯


Mar 12, 2021

Kingz is not only talented, but inspirational. Although his journey is rocky, he continues to strive for greatness. He demonstrates power by emphasizing his willI and never giving up. Kingz is definitely an artist on a warpath!!!


Mar 11, 2021

I like his songs and im shure he will definitley find his place in music industry.


Scott Onu
Scott Onu
Mar 11, 2021

Really talented guy right here! A naija boy like me. Naija no dey carry last ooo! #wordup

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