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  • Bridney C.

Glynis Blanker: Capturing Joyous Moments

Southeastern Connecticut-based Photographer Receives Two Awards in One Month

By Bridney C.

Groton-based photographer Glynis Blanker has been recognized for her work in the arts. She won two awards from the Mystic Museum of Art and the Norwich Arts Center.

Windows of the Wauregan. B&W Photograph.

Her photograph, currently housed inside the Mystic Museum of Art named “Windows of the Wauregan,” is a black and white photograph that will be on view until March 5th, 2023. She received the “Members Over All in Excellence Award” in the elected artist and members exhibition.

Her second photograph, “The Kiss,” is currently on view at the Norwich Arts Center. It received 2nd Place in the Love, Red, Hearts, Exhibition, displayed until February 24th, 2023.

When Glynis first heard the exciting news, she was “overwhelmed with emotions. I felt as though I had finally arrived!” She has shown her work in galleries for eight years and has been a professional photographer for 20 years.

“I evolved with the times and learned to work on the digital side of photography. In the last ten years, I’ve devoted more time to photography. As I get older, I see things differently than I did when I was younger,” says Glynis.

Glynis has been working behind the scenes on fun, creative projects. She has stepped outside her comfort zone by taking a 5-week painting class with renowned artist Marvin Espy.

The Kiss. Color Photograph.

In addition to experimenting with collage art, she has entered a self-portrait piece on view at Hygienic Art’s annual Salon des Independants exhibition. A patron purchased her self-portrait artwork on Opening Night.

Her work can be viewed at the Norwich Arts Center until February 24th and the Mystic Museum of Art until March 5th. We will publish an article in the coming weeks about Glynis' rise to photography and why she fell in love with the art medium.


To see more from Glynis Blanker, follow her on Instagram @glynisblanker_photography.

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