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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] HYPE - "March Madness"

By Bridney C.

Members KIINGA (Left) and JayLing (Right) of Hip-Hop Music Duo HYPE.

Connecticut-based Hip-Hop music duo HYPE is making their first appearance on Sweet Scoop Media for their hard, energetic new single, "March Madness." After releasing their first EP "Be Right Back..." in the summer of 2020, HYPE dropped their first music video of the new year.

Released on January 29th, the music video features HYPE dancing on top of a white jeep on an empty road at nighttime and rapping in front of the side of a brick structure. JayLing and KIINGA both take turns sharing verses and the hook.

"March Madness" contains lyricism dealing with the themes of success and accomplishment companied by a gritty, hard-hitting beat. Their artistic talent shines through the song and the new music video is no exception.

“I been dropping heat since March you ain't heard a wack verse from me yet / Pick the sound, pick the stage, pick the clothes, pick the time, pick the set," JayLing raps.

They look forward to having a great 2021 by expanding their fanbase and gaining more opportunities. They also look forward to having a great 2021 and hope to release music that will reach a wide variety of audiences.

"March Madness" can be heard on YouTube.

You can hear more from HYPE on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. You can see more from HYPE by following them on Instagram @kiinga860 and @jayling_.


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