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  • Bridney C.

Interview with Actor, Antwon Willis

Get the Sweet Scoop on the Passionate & Driven Actor

By Bridney C.

Nashville, Tennessee Actor & Model, Antwon Willis

Antwon Willis is a 25-year-old actor and model based out of Nashville, Tennessee, who says acting will always be his go-to form of artistic expression. Hailing from a family of talented creatives, his grandfather, Bruce Howard along with his two bands, The Commanders and The Valentines are both in the Country Music Hall of Fame for their contributions to the Nashville country music scene.

His cousin, Brandon Howard, is a rapper signed to a local Nashville record label. Born to a family of actors, his uncle is a writer and stage play director, and his cousin is also an actor.

"Acting was introduced to me when I participated in a church play, and I had fun doing it. I was reading directly from the paper, but I still enjoyed myself, and afterward, one of my church members said I should do acting."

He says learning how to act was tough at first, especially learning how to memorize his lines. As he got older, he taught himself how to remember his lines - something he notes has become second-nature to him.

Antwon has been a part of a few mainstream and independent acting projects including, the television series Nashville where he played an extra and starred in the short film, Someone in Here. He also was in the 2019 independent film, Real Resident 3, where he portrayed a zombie.

Antwon is also deeply involved in his community and has participated in community service events, including walking down the runway at the Pro-Mask Fashion Show that promoted mask-wearing and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic in July 2020.

He is open to receiving roles for any movie genre but favors projects in the comedy, drama, and horror genres. He enjoys comedy, noting his goofy, humorous side to his personality and drama because he gets to showcase his emotional side. While working on Real Resident 3, he enjoyed running and wearing makeup that altered his appearance.

He advises all creatives to be careful when signing contracts and not allowing others to take advantage of them. He also encourages other actors and artists not to give up on what they are passionate about and insists that the journey is different for everyone. According to him, there are no rules to become successful, and success comes in many forms.

Antwon is currently writing a script for a short film he will be directing and starring in. He plans to release it exclusively on his YouTube channel.

"I love that I feel like I am another person. When I portray somebody else, it takes me to another place when I play that character," says Antwon.


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