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  • Bridney C.

Liberation Through Art: A Conversation with Melina Davis

Meet the Multifaceted 22-year-old Poet, and Writer, and Photographer, Who Shares Why She Fell in Love with Being a Creative

By Bridney C.

Los Angeles native and writer, Melina Davis

22-year-old poet, writer, and photographer Melina Davis resides in Los Angeles, California, and is on a mission to show others a different perspective on people's lives in a raw light and angle. Discovering her artistic side at the young age of 11, she discovered writing as her newfound love and has never stopped since then. Before that, Melina says she felt unable to articulate her thoughts verbally.

"When I was eleven, I experienced struggling with mental health for the first time. Within the parameters of the things I was experiencing in my life, I began writing about what was on my mind," says Melina.

There are hidden gems in each of her poems that consecutively tell her story. What makes her writing unique is the mature subject matter she touches on, which may pose a fear for others to express. In her free time, Melina writes short stories, books, and lyrics.

On a typical day, Melina spends around 30 minutes writing new material. Speaking with passion intertwined with hidden meanings in each verse, many of Melina's lines have multiple meanings and suggestions. Her goal as a poet is to make people aware of others struggling around them where the listener feels the emotions of the individuals' feelings.

"If I can make someone cry, I feel that I've done my job. I write mostly about mental health, for the unheard to be heard & for the naive to be aware."

In total, she has written more than 50 poems, including her recent favorite, "Sprinkled Generation." Her newest poem will be released in a few months and serves as a personal testimony Melina wrote after feeling "locked up" within herself.

One positive affirmation she follows every day that motivates her is "I am worthy." Sharing her poem in different poetry slams and cafes, Melina realized other people went through similar experiences and how effective her poetry is at helping people heal.

When opening up about the background of the poem, Melina says, "I went through a traumatic experience at a very young age... I saw the 'non-conversational topic as a problem, and I wanted to do something about it."

Aside from being a poet, Melina is also an accomplished photographer who describes her style as being raw and candid. She specializes in portraits and landscape pictures that started as a hobby with friends.

She enjoys making her clients happy and capturing their vulnerable side during a special moment. Melina typically shoots 20 sessions throughout the year, including two to three sessions a month. Being a photographer is rewarding because she is providing a service that will last forever.


Be sure to follow Melina Davis on Instagram @blaxican_meli and

YouTube for updates on her photography.

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