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  • Bridney C.

The Beauty of The World Around Her

Meet the Visual Artist who Enjoys Painting the Sweet Liveliness of Her Environment

By Bridney C.

Visual Artist, Nancy Hollenbeck-Dyson

Nancy Hollenbeck-Dyson, a visual artist from Waterford, Connecticut who specializes in creating mixtures of acrylics. In addition, she uses oil pastels and colored pencils in every art piece to add richness and brightness that attract viewers and art lovers alike.

She is constantly working on new techniques and experimenting with color and new subjects. Her most recent finished project includes a study inside a local home. She is currently in the process of developing illustrations for a children’s book.

Ice Cream Cone on display at Art=Gift. Mixed Media.

“I love to paint the sweetness of life,” says Nancy. She also feels accomplished as an artist when people smile at her work when viewed. Her inspiration comes from studying the beauty of the world around her, ranging from a child’s face to a popular toy to a local lighthouse.

Something as simple as looking at a lighthouse is a sight Nancy considers to bring her the most joy. She enjoys making food art pieces and considers each subject a new challenge to take on as she explores its textures and features.

Her food art was most recently on view during the holiday season at Hygienic Art for their Art=Gift 2021 show. Her favorite piece displayed was Ice Cream Cone with its detailed layers combined with the sky blue background that makes the vanilla ice cream cone pop.

“When creating the ice cream cone, I worked to develop the swirl and create a rich whimsy of fun.”

Oreo Cupcake on display at Art=Gift. Mixed Media.

Her Oreo Cupcake brought its challenges where she used a variety of mediums to accurately depict the cookies' texture and imprint. Nancy’s Disney-inspired piece, Happy Birthday Woody drew inspiration from the toys her son collected.

She wanted to capture a “sweet hearted liveliness” in all of the characters in one painting. Her personal favorite Toy Story character is Woody.

Born and raised on Conesus Lake in New York, Hollenbeck-Dyson’s mother, a music teacher, enjoyed painting in her free time. Her mother shared her love with both the performing and visual arts with both of her children.

According to Nancy, “I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. I always enjoyed drawing and painting.” After school, Nancy spent her time working on art projects and doodles.

Happy Birthday Woody. Mixed Media.

While attending high school, she realized her love for art and the inner passion where she decided to pursue art as a career. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from RIT in Rochester, New York.

“My art creates sweet emotion. As I work on a painting, I may add layers of depth as I work to achieve the beauty, and character in a painting… That might touch someone’s heart,” says Nancy. Her art pieces are truly a reflection of everyday life around her combined with a whimsical flair.


Oliver 2021. Mixed Media.

For commissions, contact Nancy Hollenbeck-Dyson at


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