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[NEW ARTIST ALERT] Alyssa Lotus Discusses Her Musical Journey

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Get the Scoop on the R&B Singer-Songwriter, Her Upcoming Releases, and Her Christmas Favorites

By Bridney C.

"Pursuing the performing arts has literally been a dream of mine since I was in grade school," says Alyssa Lotus, 22.

Connecticut’s breadth of talent is seemingly never-ending with an array of new artists emerging every day. Singer, Alyssa Lotus is no exception.

"Singing gives me a release. It allows me to release and express my emotions positively and beautifully," says Alyssa.

She says the best thing about being a singer is spending hours in the recording studio and working hands-on with her upcoming releases. She has recorded a total of nine songs but says those songs will most likely not be released.

"When I sing, I feel free, I feel in control," says Alyssa.

Most of those recorded songs have an old-school vibe to them, which she says will not be as desired compared to modern-sounding R&B music. Her manager, music entrepreneur Sonny Daytons, has been working alongside Alyssa to help create a new, different sound that will appeal to commercial audiences.

Her three favorite songs she has recorded so far are Don't Come Back, Last Forever, and Runnin' Round, saying that she loves the composition and arrangement. Don't Come Back will be released as a single in January 2021.

"When I sing, I feel free, I feel in control, I feel relaxed and at peace."

She refers to her daily life as being "exciting," saying that she and Daytons work together to plan writing and music sessions, photoshoots, and marketing materials. Daytons has also been instrumental in helping her explore her vocal range and push her out of her comfort zone to develop a new sound.

Noting that she has received negative feedback from some people, she urges all emerging artists not to let the opinions of others affect their journey. She also suggests artists not engage in hateful comments and either block them or remove their comments.

"You always face challenges when you do something out of the norm. These days most of the people that I know are very supportive of me thankfully."

Born and raised in Connecticut, since her youth, she always had goals of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. At the age of five, she started singing and guitar lessons.

In the 7th grade, she was a member of her school's dance team and enrolled herself in acting and singing classes. Throughout high school and college, she continued to involve herself in performing arts courses.

The 22-year-old's musical sound is R&B and says she is inspired by her musical influences, such as Usher to sing in that style. "I love to sing R&B music as it is often what I listen to... that is what I feel most comfortable and natural at."

As the year 2020 closes, Alyssa and her manager continue to work on new material. Alyssa says the future is a mystery but guarantees that the Alyssa people see now will be a new Alyssa next year.

"We are working on creating top-quality songs right now and plan to make music videos and an album soon after. Stay tuned because this is only the beginning!"

A short, festive Q&A was conducted with Alyssa Lotus, as she opened up about her holiday favorites!

Alyssa Lotus Christmas Q&A

Bridney C: As the Christmas holiday approaches, what is one festive activity you enjoy doing?

Alyssa Lotus: One of my favorite holiday activities to do is play New Kids on the Block Christmas music and sing and play games with my family.

BC: If you could be any flavor ice cream, which one would you choose and why?

AL: If I could be any flavor of ice cream, I would imagine myself as the birthday cake flavor. Birthday cake ice cream is fun, exciting, colorful, and sweet. I feel that this fits me pretty well as I am unique, fun, bubbly, and always sweet.

BC: How do you plan to stay in the Christmas spirit despite what has happened this year?

AL: I plan to stay in the Christmas Spirit by spending time with my family and playing lots of Christmas music.

BC: What is your favorite Christmas dish or dessert to eat?

AL: My favorite Christmas dish is perogies. My favorite Christmas dessert used to be chocolate chip cheesecake squares and peanut butter blossoms.

BC: What is your favorite Christmas song?

AL: Funky, Funky Christmas by New Kids on the Block.


To hear and see more from Alyssa Lotus, be sure to follow her on

Instagram @alyssalotus22 and Facebook at Alyssa Lotus.


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