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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] Jiggy General - "Free Rah"

By Bridney C.

Single Cover Artwork for "Free Rah"

On January 29th, Jiggy General took to Instagram to announce that his new single, "Free Rah" was released onto all music streaming platforms. "#freerah is out now in all stores ya dig," he added to Instagram along with the cover artwork for his single.

Jiggy General is one of the few artists who stand out above the rest due to his unique delivery and meaningful purpose behind his music. Most reading this are familiar with his older brother, Raheeim "Rah" General, who was tragically killed in 2017.

His legacy lives on as the song was named after him, in his honor. Combined with Jiggy's other older brother, Ramel, was sentenced to 10 years behind bars last summer, "Free Rah" allows General to tell the stories of how his life shaped the way he expresses himself through song.

"I'm going crazy 'til they let you out big bro," wrote Jiggy General on his social media.

The hard-hitting track packs a punch with hard-hitting 808s and mesmerizing lyrical deliveries from Jiggy General. He effortlessly floats over the beat running laps around the infectious key pattern.

Over the past few months, Jiggy General has been gaining traction and seems to be set as the next artist to help put New London and Raleigh on the map. It has not been clear whether this is the first single off of his upcoming project as he is currently working on new music and announced he will release an album or an EP later this year.

Listen to his song below and let us know what you think!

To hear and see more from Jiggy General, be sure to follow him on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Instagram.


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