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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] Jiggy General - "Jump"

By Bridney C.

Ribbit, ribbit. Leap and jump to the sounds of Jiggy General.

The New London rapper released his single, "Jump" on April 6th on all music streaming platforms. "Jump" was inspired his "fam" in North Carolina whose music he considers to be poppin'.

"That's where my heart and soul has always been, the south," says General. He says his creative process of creating the song included finding beats and smoking a blunt in order to get in the zone.

General recently celebrated his 22nd birthday on April 6th with an intimate gathering surrounded by family and friends. On the morning of his birthday, General shocked his fans by announcing that he was going to delete all of his music if he didn't get any "booty" on his birthday.

"I was 200% serious. One of my fine ass fans hit my DM's telling me how much she loves my music," says General. From there, the two were able to arrange a meeting where she "blessed the kid with some fresh cakes" on his birthday.

And how would people react if General ever quit music?

He says a lot of people would be disappointed in him, especially the OG's who tell him his music is what's going to make him successful.

"Much love to all. Sometimes I feel like my fans got more faith in me than I do, and it’s a beautiful feeling," says General.

"Jump" can be heard on Soundcloud and YouTube.

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