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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] Jiggy General - "Notice"

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

By Bridney C.

Time to get jiggy with it.

Jiggy General returns with his new single to start the new year, "Notice." The groovy, up-tempo disco track features General singing with a melodic tone along with sweet harmonies and soothing backing vocals.

Elaborating more on his gift of singing, "I’ve always been around incredible vocalist and I got a little vocals but I’m still trying to polish up that jiggy tune." Known for switching up styles in his music, Jiggy General says he felt the time is now for fans to listen to a different bop and feel a different vibe from him.

The song's sound was inspired by Anderson .Paak, an R&B soul singer who Jiggy General cites as being one of his favorite artists. "After listening to his music, I realized he doesn’t write sad songs... But if you maintain that groove like he does, your head still bops. So, I wanted to take that same approach for this track," says General.

"Noticed" is inspired by everyday romantic relationships couples have and the importance of being "200% with yourself" before someone can enter a new relationship and keep it 100% with their significant other.

"Whether she's your wifey, girlfriend, side chick, groupie... Well maybe not groupies, but it’s very important that you’re good with yourself before entering or trying to keep your relationship jiggy," says General.

Fans can look forward to hearing more music from Jiggy General throughout 2020. He plans on staying consistent with his music and is committed to his music career full-time. Hs is now jiggier more than ever.

His new song can be heard below:

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