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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] Trigga Tate - "Hatin' On Me"

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

By Bridney C.

Connecticut-Based Rapper, Trigga Tate

Trigga Tate, a Connecticut rapper returns with more heat in 2019 by dropping his new single, "Hatin' On Me." His single will receive airplay from Connecticut radio stations, Jammin' 107.7 and 92.9 WDUP.

Tate revealed the most fun part about recording the song was singing on the hook. "Honestly, I Like to sing, but I just never put any music out of me singing other than Mood and Hatin' On Me," Tate told the Sweet Scoop Media. "Once I get the feeling of really singing on tracks, I'm sure I’ll attract different fans that will feel where I’m coming from."

The New London, Connecticut rapper also revealed his new song was inspired by instances of lack of support from his peers.

"I’m from a city where there’s a lot of hate where ya close friends don’t wanna see you strive for greatness, or people see you sharing ya music and they scroll right past it instead of sharing," says Trigga Tate.

The track took two hours to write and an hour to record inside a studio featuring local rapper, Hamer G who is originally from Down South. “Hatin' On Me” was produced by Brian Jai.

The new single is going to be a part of his upcoming EP called "17o or Nothing." The name inspiration came from Tate's loyalty to 17o and his vision of seeing 17o on top of the world.

His new song can be heard below. Watch the music video now:

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