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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] Young Thotty - "Ted Bundy"

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

By Bridney C.

Young Thotty releases another new single.

The Southeastern Connecticut rapper released his single, "Ted Bundy" on February 21st. The Sweet Scoop Media was fortunate enough to get candid with the rapper in a recent interview about his song.

Before releasing "Ted Bundy," the New London, Connecticut rapper released a string of singles such as "Pickem Up," "No Hero," and "Big Bap." Thotty says he started with drill music in the beginning of 2020 because he wanted to direct the attention of drill music listeners in the New London music scene.

The 24-year-old rapper does not agree with the idea of categorizing or classifying his music with any genre and insists that the songs he released so far are just simply songs he's released. As fans hear more of his music, they will start to see that his music does not fall into a specific rap sub-genre category.

Thotty does not write his music, stating it took less than 20 minutes to freestyle "Ted Bundy" in the recording booth. According to him, all the songs he has released so far took less than 30 minutes to create and record, all without being written on paper.

The most enjoyable part of the creative process for Thotty was recording and creating "Ted Bundy" inside THR Studios, a local studio situated in New London. He says he does not "premeditate" his songs or practice before entering the recording booth.

"I just go in there [the studio] and pick a beat I like... It's like I get in my zone, and it feels like a different type of high," Thotty told the Sweet Scoop Media.

Thotty says he was inspired to write the song after being inspired by Ted Bundy himself. Elaborating more on the meaning behind this song, Young Thotty says:

"Everyone in the drill scene raps about shooting or killing, drugs and cars and just a lot of things that growing up with these guys you realize... Nobody in our city really lives the life they rap about. So I made "Ted Bundy" in a somewhat cadence to him... I'm telling my city what we all know since we all grew up together. I'm Ted Bundy... They [the rappers] need to take a step back a realize that the entire city can tell the difference. So in other words, metaphorically of course, in the local music scene I would compare myself to Ted Bundy."

Known for combining comedy and playful lyrics in his music Thotty, says that specific aspect of his music, including "Ted Bundy" was not inspired by anyone, such as a comedian or anything in particular. He affirms the witty lyrics that come out during his freestyles in the booth are simply funny verses with no serious meaning to them.

"I want to remind the world that music is music. And just like any other career, sports, or activities, you can tell when someone is trying to do it to impress others... And you can tell when someone is doing it from the heart, simply because they love it," says Thotty.

Young Thotty is sure to show us and music lovers alike how much he loves music by releasing a new song every weekend. He is an avid lover of rap and wants to continue to create songs with the goal of "showing everyone that not everyone is following a trend. People still make music because they love it too."

"Ted Bundy" can be heard on Soundcloud and YouTube.

To hear and see more from Young Thotty, be sure to follow him

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