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Q&A with Poet & Lyricist, Silent Quill

By Bridney C.

Silent Quill photographed by Ajani Housen in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

It is a pleasure to interview Silent Quill for the Sweet Scoop.

Silent Quill, also known as Silent Q, is a poet and lyricist from Bridgeport, Connecticut. He first started writing poems and lyrics for his girlfriend and circle of friends when he was a teenager.

As he got older, Silent Quill got out of his shyness and started performing in front of crowds ten years ago. Sharing his poems through melodic storytelling is his way of making his rhymes relatable for all listeners to hear and to become inspired.

The best thing Silent Quill enjoys about being a poet is to "not only work through my struggles by way of self-expression but to help others work through theirs."

According to Silent Quill, he could get "lost in a poem" for hours at a time, writing, and organizing. His most interesting writing quirk is his writing style, which he refers to as creating "fragments."

In this edition of Q&A, Silent Quill explained which rapper inspired his poetry, his upcoming book, and just for Spooky Season, we asked him what his favorite fall food is and what he finds most exciting about Halloween.

Silent Quill reciting his poetry at an event. Photo by Letif B.

Bridney C: If you could travel back in time to meet a famous rapper or poet, who would it be?

Silent Quill: I wouldn't need to travel back in time for this one. Joe Budden is alive and well. He's retired from rap but still an active staple in the Hip Hop community through his podcast. I would want to meet him downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut, at Poetz Realm, where I was officially born as an artist, so we could cypher. Although he has retired from music, I know he still has bars to get off.

Joe Budden has been one of my favorite rappers since 2003. His music has gotten me through some severely tough times. I appreciate and admire the openness and honesty of his content. There's so much strength in his vulnerability, and he did it all while maintaining his lyrical ability. I've adopted that openness, honesty, and vulnerability and applied it to my writing in hopes to not only work through my struggles by way of self-expression but to help others work through theirs as Joe's music did for me.

BC: Have you ever faced any challenges as a poet and rapper? And what kind of advice could you give to an artist who may be facing challenges?

SQ: Many challenges come with being an artist. For me, the biggest challenge has always been consistency. I'm a father before anything else, and my son isn't up for sacrifice, so I make my sacrifices around him.

The best advice I could give any artist is to be as consistent as possible. Anything that goes against your goals considers them an excuse. Don't allow yourself to get swayed by anything, especially yourself.

BC: Have you thought of publishing your poems in a book for supporters to buy? If so, where can supporters purchase your book?

SQ: I have a book in progress. I have yet to decide on a marketing path. I figured I would decide on that closer to its completion. I'm working for a New Year release to bring in 2021 on a strong note.

BC: How did you manage to fit writing in with other demands on your time?

SQ: I don't make time for writing. It happens as I navigate through life. I could be at work, at the grocery store, or even at the gym. When inspirations strike, I stop to jot them down then get back to whatever it is I was doing.

BC: What do you find most exciting about Halloween season, a.k.a. "Spooky Season?"

SQ: I like horror movies and haunted houses. And quality time with my "roundtable" is always exciting for me.

BC: What is your favorite "fall food" to eat during this time of year?

SQ: Definitely, cider donuts. They make my spirit smile.

BC: If you could be any fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why?

SQ: I would easily be an avocado. I'm good for you, I'm fit for almost any occasion, and I'm initially tough on the outside. But, let me sit for a little bit and get comfortable, then everything will be delicious.

BC: What are some upcoming projects or show appearances you're excited for? Why?

SQ: Aside from the book, I've been writing music again. I've been in the studio with some close friends and fellow artists as of late. Good things are on the way.


For more updates on Silent Quill, follow him on Instagram, and Facebook.

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