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  • Bridney C.

Q&A with YouTuber & Vlogger, JR

Meet the Extroverted, Entertaining Florida-based YouTuber & Creator of JR'S WRLD

By Bridney C.

19-year-old JR (Pronounced Junior) is a YouTuber and influencer from Orlando, Florida. His channel, JR'S WRLD, focuses on vlogs centered around his hobbies and daily life.

His vlogs lend advice to young adults who are first-time college students, and his poetry videos, in particular, are aimed towards positively impacting people who have shared the same struggles as him.

As a child, his parents exposed him to different types of music growing up. He was brought up around creativity and culture, from Soul to Hip-Hop to Haitian and Caribbean music.

As he got older, his friends and family recommended him to start a YouTube channel. Reflecting on his bubbly and outgoing personality, JR says he continuously brushed off the idea with the response, "Yeah, maybe one day."

During his freshman year attending the University of Kentucky, JR and his college roommate were on the phone discussing the possibility of starting a YouTube channel. His friend refused to hang up unless JR created a channel.

Since starting his YouTube channel, JR gained close to 800 subscribers and reflected on how he felt when he first gained 100. Describing the feeling as bittersweet, gaining 100 subscribers before uploading his first video was a huge milestone for him.

JR has been on YouTube for a year, saying, "It created an insatiable desire to better myself and my channel and grow as a content creator."

His favorite videos to post on his channel are any of his poetry videos. Describing those videos as raw and authentic, he loves being honest and sharing his feelings with the audience in hopes that he will build a special bond over the years to come.

His second favorite video is a basketball video between his friends recorded on a fun day surrounded by positive vibes and genuine love from his friends.

"It [creating content] is a different feeling knowing something you put hours of work into is making someone else's day."

BC: What is the ultimate goal for your YouTube channel?

JR: I am a firm believer that no matter how big of a platform you possess, your voice matters, and you should use your reach to bring good into the world. Even if I'm at ten subscribers or 1,000, I am going to give those people my all and create love and change in this world. God willing, my life can help someone, or someone can find resolve out of my ups and downs.

BC: What is one positive affirmation that keeps you motivated daily?

JR: “There's so much power in perspective”. This quote reminds me that if I can train my mind and make my mind a dwelling of no doubt, no fear, and faith in God, that anything is possible.

BC: What is your go-to order at Dunkin' Donuts?

JR: An iced caramel coffee with a glazed donut.

BC: What is your favorite restaurant?

JR: If had to choose probably Ale House.

BC: If you could meet any famous YouTuber, who would it be and why?

JR: If I could meet any YouTuber, I would love to meet DDG. Simply because his story and rise to fame are so encouraging and inspirational. He made a way for himself that most people would be too scared to do. It would most definitely have to be in a somewhat closed and calm environment, so there are no distractions from our conversation.

BC: What is your favorite video game to play?

JR: I don’t play video games like that, but I enjoy playing 2K with my brother.


Be sure to follow JR on Instagram @jlx.p and Tik Tok @Jrswrld1 for updates on

new vlogs. Subscribe to his YouTube channel, JR'S WRLD.

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