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  • Bridney C.

A Glimpse Into the Blues & Jazzy-Soul of ROZZZQWEEN

Meet the UK Artist Whose Unique Sound & Music Was Inspired by A Legendary Blues Singer

By Bridney C.

24-year-old artist, ROZZZQWEEN

24-year-old Birmingham-based artist ROZZZQWEEN is an eccentric force to be reckoned with delivering a crisp and modern take on jazz and soul. Her powerful voice combined with her impactful lyrics produces fun music and catchy hooks any music lover will fall in love with.

Rozzz describes her music style as falling into the genre of modern jazz and modern blues, saying that her singing style is jazz, but her lyrics tend to be very current. Her music is an honest representation of her sexuality all while unapologetically embracing who she is. Her songs also revolve around the theme of a woman's perspective on love, money, and sex - which she considers to be the three best pleasures in life.

Her most recent song, RUDEBOY was inspired by her love for bad boys and best showcases her raspy signature vocals. She assures her fans and listeners that most women can relate to falling for men who have strong personalities and non-traditional morals.

Hailing from Birmingham, United Kingdom, Rozzz is of African decent and remembers being drawn to the creative arts a young age. She first performed in front of an audience at age 9 at her year 6 Leaver's Assembly. "The moment I got on stage I just knew I belonged there."

Throughout primary and secondary school, Rozzz was deeply involved in creative clubs - ranging from choir, art, and film to name a few. Her main musical inspiration growing up was legendary soul musician and pianist, Ray Charles. She became inspired by him after watching the 2005 biographical-drama film, Ray and started listening to jazz and blues music, eventually falling in love with the genres.

"I remember being so inspired by a blind black man in the most segregated era of the United States reaching those heights of success," says Rozzz.

She is currently working on recording songs for her EP album which will be released this summer. Describing the overall sound as "feel good" and giving off summer vibes, Rozz says she is beyond excited to release it.

"Expressing myself through music is like constantly finding £20 ($28 USD) in every pair of jeans you own... It is fucking fantastic," says Rozzz.


To hear and see more from ROZZZQWEEN, be sure to follow her on Instagram

@rozzzqween and Twitter @rozzzqween. You can stream her music on Spotify.

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