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  • Bridney C.

SMT Drops New Song "Slow Down"

By Bridney C.

Single cover artwork for "Slow Down"

Vermont based rapper SMT releases his new song "Slow Down" exclusively on Soundcloud. On the old school sounding track produced by ByTy, the 16-year-old rapper promises listeners he will never give up on his upcoming rap career.

"Expectations getting too high for me to handle. Tell myself to slow down for I'll burn like a candle," says SMT on the track. "Life is a scandal, til we lay down the rest. So with the time I got, I got to make it best."

In an interview with the Sweet Scoop Media, he opened up about the track. “I’m just trying to make my fans happy right now. This song reflects how I feel and it's important for me to continue this rap shit. Hard work pays off, and if I believe in myself I will go far," says SMT.

Listen to "Slow Down" on Soundcloud.


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