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  • Bridney C.

[Song Spotlight] EricBTheName - "No Drought"

By Bridney C.

Today's Song Spotlight is shining down on EricBTheName, a rapper from Brooklyn, Connecticut who released his single, "No Drought" on all music streaming platforms on October 12, 2019. We dug a little deeper to analyze and get the scoop on everything there is to know about his song, "No Drought."

"It took me about 15 minutes to write the song, and I'm very proud of the final version. A lot of time went into mixing and putting the pieces together," says the lyricist.

"No Drought" is inspired by real-life situations he went through, such as past relationships and bad experiences.

Eric says what he enjoyed most about the creative process was allowing himself to express his feelings in the song he normally does not express in person. "When the final product is finished, it is nice to hear what almost sounds like another person, but it is completely your craft and sound," says Eric.

Listen to "No Drought" on Soundcloud.

To hear and see more from EricBTheName, be sure to follow him

on Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

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