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  • Bridney C.

[Song Spotlight] SMT - "Divine (feat. MEG)"

By Bridney C.

Cover art for SMT's album, "Do I Have Your Attention?"

Connecticut singer-songwriter, MEG joins SMT on their new duet, "Divine." The track can be heard on his album release, Do I Have Your Attention?

The songstress adds her delicate vocals to the atmospheric track, while the Vermont-based rapper gets in his feelings. "How are you? / You look so divine / Whatever you say, whatever you do / I'll always be here for you," SMT sings promising his lover to be by their side. "The butterflies grow deep inside / You cover me with some type of high.

Released on October 2, the happy-sounding, pop song is a step in a new direction for SMT and serves as a brief step-away from the hard, gritty hip-hop music he releases. Both artists say that there were no real love interests who inspired the song to be made, but rather fictional storytelling.

"The name just came to me when I first started writing the song, there's a line in the song where I say 'you look so Devine' and I knew when I wrote that it had to be the title of the song," says SMT.

Produced by Alex R. Catalog, MEG says she also added her own elements and melodies to the intro of the song by adding the ringing telephone sound effect.

"It was very easy when I first listened to the music for the chorus to come out, the verses however took a little more thinking... I had to really try to imagine a scene in my head and really try to figure out how the song made ME feel while listening to it," says MEG.

"Divine" was recorded separately, with SMT recording it in his apartment studio and MEG recording her parts in her bedroom.

"There will definitely be more collabs between me and MEG in the future, this is only the beginning," says SMT.

Listen to "Divine" on Soundcloud.

Stream SMT's new album on YouTube and DatPiff. Follow

SMT @sebastianmakesshit and MEG

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