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  • Bridney C.

[Song Spotlight] Supreme Justice - "Love Me or Leave Me Alone (Presidents)"

By Bridney C.

Single Cover Artwork for "Love Mr or Leave Me Alone (Presidents)"

Connecticut's very own Supreme Justice returns with his new single, Love Me or Leave Me Alone (Presidents), released on March 19, 2021. After his three-year hiatus from rapping, he has returned with a fast-paced, hype song.

The instrumental is minimal yet, appealing in all the best ways and samples the 1996 Jay-Z song, Dead Presidents - one of his favorite songs. "One day, during the last few months, I had this idea to sample it, it’s been done before, but I wanted my try at it, as a personal challenge."

Justice decided to do his own version of Dead Presidents, but with his own take and perspective based on his life. The instrumental is minimal yet appealing in all the best ways, and the song is the perfect foundation for Justice to spit some nonchalant, matter-of-fact bars that just seem to effortlessly roll off his tongue in the most relaxed manner possible.

"I’m proud of it simply because it was a long time in the making... I wasn't inspired to record for a while, and when I got the inspiration, I had to put it to good use."

In the hook he raps, we broke dog, we cannot eat, which is something he feels everyone can understand because everyone has had moments where they wanted to purchase something and said "never mind" once they looked in their wallets. When it comes to rapping bar for bar, not many can keep up with him, if you pay close attention to what Justice is saying you’ll see he is not your average emcee.

Inspired by his personal life experiences, Justice admits to sometimes not spend his money wisely. Upon reflection during the writing process, he says he was once careless and he wanted to put how he felt about wasting money into his song.

"I was listening to a lecture from Minister Farrakhan, and he had broken down how one can 'make a dime turn into a dollar, and make a dollar turn into a dime,' and I ended up sampling that into the beginning of the song," says Supreme Justice.

Love Me or Leave Me Alone (Presidents) can be heard on Soundcloud.

For updates on his music, follow Supreme Justice on Instagram @supr3mejustice and Twitter @supr3mejustice.


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