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  • Bridney C.

The Sweet Scoop on Music Producer and Writer, Will Clemente

By Bridney C.

20-year-old Connecticut-based music producer Will Clemente.

Connecticut-based hip-hop music producer Will Clemente, also known as Willxo, released his highly anticipated new single, "NotThaSame" on August 24th. Written and produced by Clemente, he says that completing the song was not an easy task, all while battling writer's block during the initial stages.

Typically, a song composed by Clemente can be completed within a "few day's time." In this case, it took a little over a week for him to perfect the sound and compose the lyrics.

"I wanted my childhood friend, Killcorey to be featured on it as our first song together. It is easy to vibe with, along with a catchy chorus, and an awesome feature with someone close to me," says Clemente.

His recent album, "Spotlights" is his first-ever album release and contains songs he has been working on since April. The album features Yvng Kidd, a producer based out of San Diego, California.

Yvng Kidd has served as Clemente's mentor as well as showing him the "ins-and-outs" of the producing aspect and music industry.

"I told myself I was going to drop an album back in March, and once I started it, I was not stopping until I had released a project to my liking and standards," says Clemente.

The 20-year-old producer grew up in a large town in Aurora, Colorado with a "strive" for creativity. Getting noticed or recognized for anything was a task Clemente considered to be difficult.

He moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina in 2016, and immersed himself into the local music scene. He networked with up-and-coming artists who were inspired by rapper and hometown hero, J. Cole.

Clemente moved again to Waterford, Connecticut with a desire to pursue music in a new town and cement himself in the local music scene. Back in February 2020, he taught himself how to make beats and produce with the help of his mentor, Yvng Kidd.

"I take my pride in having all of my songs with beats made by either Yvng Kidd or myself. It makes it rewarding for myself knowing the piece is 100% and not from YouTube," says Clemente. "I feel like that’s an aspect that separates myself from others." 

He considers music producers, Murda Beatz, Metro Boomin, DJ Khalid, DJ Mustard, and Quality Control as some of his inspirations. "The list goes on forever. They are some of the games best producers, and anything they touch turns to gold," says Clemente.

"The rewarding part about making music is seeing my music on all platforms. Also, having friends and other young artists posting it on social media lets me know that they enjoy my music," says Clemente.

Be sure to follow Will Clemente on Instagram for updates on his music @wiillxo.

For serious inquiries, email him at

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