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  • Bridney C.

The Sweet Scoop on Trey V.

Meet the Florida-based Photographer with a Fondness of Portrait & Landscape Photography

By Bridney C.

23-year-old photographer, Trey V. poses in front of an art installation in Downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Orlando's very own Trey V. is a talented photographer who found his calling when his uncle introduced him to photography. Hailing from Florida, he first wanted to pursue photography after visiting his uncle in North Carolina. His uncle used a zoom lens to take pictures of his favorite birds and wildlife at a nature reserve.

Although he is self-taught, Trey believes any creative must improve their skillset. Currently, Trey is enrolled in a few courses to gain extensive knowledge "inside the mind of a camera" to enhance his photography skill.

He described his photography style as having an artsy and aesthetic vibe that encompasses the area and scene he is capturing. He also captures his subjects in settings that are a little eccentric but not too quirky.

"I like to shoot portraits because I love to get and see the raw feelings of a person's psyche by being up close and getting personal with the shoots," says the 23-year-old.

JR, a client photographed on December 30, 2020

The first person he photographed was his best friend from high school, Stevie. When Stevie approached him with the idea of doing a shoot with him, he lent Trey his mother's camera, an EOS Canon Rebel T5.

The shoot took place at a local basketball court, and a joyful feeling came over him that he never felt before, and it gave him a purpose to capture a person's personality through an image.

He has had the opportunity to travel to various cities in the United States, the Caribbean, and Canada, with the ladder being his favorite place to visit. "It was the first time I saw snow, and it was a magical experience for me," says Trey.

His work is influenced by unique photographers with their set-distinctive art style, including Cameron Reed and LinusnHisCamera. Ravie B. is one of his favorite photographers who has a crisp, clear, and organic aura to her photography style.

Secondly, he is inspired by Theo Skudra, a photographer employed at OVO Sound, a Toronto-based Canadian record label founded by Hip-Hop artist Drake. According to Trey, Skudra shows the "grit and grind" of Toronto, and his photos are usually black and white, which emit the emotion and culture of the city.

"Honestly, the most fun thing about portrait and landscape photography is seeing, meeting new places, people, and all the different walks of life. It is kind of like a breath of fresh air how everyone and everything is so different," says Trey.

As a landscape photographer, Trey enjoys the "ethereal feeling" he gets from seeing beautiful structures and nature. He has not published any of his landscape photos on social media but says he plans on releasing his landscape photos, so his friends and supporters can see his versatility.

The most fun thing about being a photographer, according to Trey, is seeing new faces and traveling to new places to meet people from all walks of life. During the year, he typically has between fifteen to thirty sessions. So far, he has shot five sessions and is looking forward to booking more.

"I would compare my craft to giving your family presents on Christmas and seeing the smiles, joy, and laughter my art emits."

Be sure to follow Trey V. on Instagram @ovotrey and VSCO @ovotreyy for updates on

his photography. Follow him on Twitter @ovotreyy.


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