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Under Her Umbrella: A Glimpse Into Kate Fogg's Umbrella Portraits

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Meet the Visual Artist who Incorporates Cheery, Bright Colors in Her Umbrella Art

By Bridney C.

"My art represents life and energy," says Katie Fogg, holding two of her pieces at Harkness Park.

It is a pleasure to interview colorist and contemporary impressionist, Katie Fogg for the Sweet Scoop. The artist, who is from Southeastern Connecticut comes from a long line of creatives such as painters, designers, architects, musicians, and others from different concentrations of the art industry.

Her work consists of vivid, saturated colors to enhance the lighting and overall design of each piece. She also embraces and edgy, and at times psychedelic style which upon reflection she refers to as "tracisum."

Fogg takes a selfie while painting at Misquamicut Beach

Fogg's art serves as a healing source for her spirit and outer world. It symbolizes change, journey to enlightenment, and overall, a source of healing.

Her umbrella series was inspired by her father. During the summer of 2019, she showed him her first two umbrella portraits to him and discussed how different the two umbrellas looked in color, structure, and personality.

"He said, 'you should do a series.' I said 'yes!' It was a nice father daughter moment," says the 32-year-old artist.

One of her favorite umbrella artworks she has made is "Rainbow Umbrella," a piece that symbolizes pride and unity. Another favorite of hers is "Jelly Fish Umbra," a piece that is inspired by her childhood and playfulness.

Her third favorite is "Umbrella and Beach Bag." That piece in particular is one of the last six umbrellas in the series that was simple, yet colorful.

"With the hot turquoise, contrast and a saturated shadow on the beach bag - it really jumped at me."

She frequently visited Misquamicut Beach in Rhode Island to paint her umbrellas. It holds a lot of meaning to her, as it was a spot her mother would bring her every Sunday.

"It was a day full of waves, play, snacks... We would stay till [sic] the evening hours. My mother passed a way a few years back, so I feel connected to her and at peace when I am there... or really at any beach with my face in the sun."

The umbrella series was both a sign and symbol for her to illustrate the world and those around her. Fogg is not a fan of the idea of planning "too ahead," but says each series, like the umbrella series, is conceived when the time is right.

She is working on some projects that will be announced and released in the future. She is creating a garden sculpture of a woman wearing an umbrella dress that was inspired by the umbrella series from this past summer.

She is also working on some of her "tracisum" art she creates every winter season. According to Fogg, it is now that time to go inward and reflect.

"Art allows me to heal, connect with others, and give them a source to heal through as well. When someone resonates with your piece, it is a very special feeling and a sense of infinite bliss."


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