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  • Bridney C.

Getting to Know Visual Artist, Liisa Lang

Meet the Visual Artist That Enjoys Creating Portraits & Architectural Art

By Bridney C.

46-year-old visual artist Liisa Lang

Liisa Lang is a visual artist residing in Southeastern Connecticut who specializes in portraits and architectural art. Liisa currently has some of her pieces on sale at Westerly Gifts, a store in Rhode Island that sells handmade trinkets and collectables.

Drawing of Corfe Castle by Liisa Lang.

Her decorative ornaments feature places of interest, including structures within the state of Rhode Island. In addition to having a full-time design job, Liisa also runs her own Etsy where she sells her art. In her free time, she draws and creates new pieces of art.

Additionally, Liisa will be one of three participants in an upcoming group show in downtown New London in late April. The exhibition will be focused on architectural art and her artsy interpretation of real standing structures. She is mostly inspired by The Shambles, a well-preserved medieval street and tourist attraction dating back as far as the fourteenth century in York, England.

"My art has been called creepy cute. I would describe it as whimsical fantasy-goth," says Liisa.

Her Harry Potter-esque buildings resemble the timber-framed medieval structures. Born and raised in Southeastern Connecticut, Liisa's grandmother was a creative who designed clothing for her mother. She also enjoyed baking and drawing in her free time.

Liisa's third grade teacher told her mother that her talent was above average and encouraged her mother to enroll her in art classes. Liisa and her mother used to decorate the kitchen and house with Hallmark decorations, including Halloween décor. In fact, her favorite go-to decorations to adorn the house with were Halloween-themed.

"Yes Halloween is my favorite holiday. I like the color scheme of fall and Halloween décor." Liisa would go on to studying art in college near Salem, Massachusetts which heightened her interest in creating art with a gothic feel.

"I find it [art] meditative when referencing something as a drawing and it cheers me up when doing crafts."


Be sure to follow Liisa Lang on Instagram @liisalang_artist.illustrator.

To purchase art, check out Liisa's online store.

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