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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] Young Thotty - "Devil Girl"

By Bridney C.

Single Cover Artwork for "Devil Girl"

New London-based rapper, Young Thotty released his soothing, solemn soft-rock inspired single, Devil Girl on March 6th on all streaming platforms. Inspired by a recent breakup, Thotty chose to release the song as a way to express and let go of the hurt he has been feeling. He also hopes the song will help other people who have been in rough relationships or went through a tough breakup.

Thotty offers a piece of advice to his fans who may have went through a similar experience, saying, "no matter how much you love you have for them, always match their energy. Don't go the extra mile if they do not want to fully commit."

Known for his upbeat, gritty-hardcore songs, Devil Girl is a soft, melodic song containing soft-rock elements backed up by a hip-hop instrumental. The song is centered around Thotty singing about his past relationship and reflecting on the painful times by singing, "Devil girl you're deadly / and you told me that you love me / but you let me down."

Recorded at THR Studios in late February, Thotty became emotionally committed to the song, and was on "a mission" to express himself to the fullest extent. During the writing process, he struggled with negative flashbacks and struggled with writing the song at first.

"This specific song was created in real time during post breakup, the lyrics, and my feelings heavily influenced the style of the song."

Eventually deciding it was best to step out of his comfort zone, Thotty showed off an honest, authentic side to him throughout the song, containing strong imagery. Devil Girl is one of his most unique, eclectic songs he has released due to him allowing his fans to see his vulnerable side.

Not wanting to rap out his feelings, Thotty says he poured out his heart and make a sad-sounding song featuring an acoustic guitar. Thotty says before recording, he felt like he was mentally spiraling out of control.

"The Devil Girl hurt me bad... I hope she meets someone she can be great for and not do to them what she did to me, you know? I'm hurt, and I loved her."

Devil Girl can be heard on Soundcloud.

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