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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] Young Thotty - "NA NA"

By Bridney C.

Feeling treeshy for the Na Na? Young Thotty releases another bass-boosting, R&B-esque single, simply titled Na Na.

Released on April 16th on all music streaming platforms, the hot banger features a nice R&B melody backed up with futuristic-sounding synths and heavy 808's. According to Thotty, the song was composed and created during the spur of the moment inside the recording studio to release a new song for his dedicated fans.

Na Na tells the story of Thotty trying to have a one-night stand with a respectful, well-put-together woman who is playing hard to get. According to Thotty, the song is summed up as being a song that is like, "Okay, I get it you're not a hoe, but I am. What are we doing?"

Refraining from using too much vulgarity, he decided to use the word Na Na instead of saying the word pussy throughout the song. Wanting to keep the song catchy and simple, Thotty felt it was best to use an easy to pronounce word.

"I'm proud of Na Na because it was a spur of the moment and it wasn't a song I worked on too much pre-recording, so it was a lot of raw energies," says Young Thotty.

NA NA can be heard on Soundcloud.

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