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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] Charley J & Keeks - "Hard Work"

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

By Bridney C.

Keeks (Left) and Charley J (Right) are sunkissed while taking a picture at a beach.

Connecticut-based rapper, Charley J teams up with singer Keeks, who also happens to be his girlfriend for “Hard Work,” their first collaboration together. "Hard Work" lightheartedly concentrates on two lovers who, based on experience state love is complicated, but anyone has the power to gain a sense of love with a little patience and strong dedication.

Charley J, who debuted the song on August 26th on his social media platforms proves it’s a mellow, end-of-summer pop song that was written by both artists. Singing on the track Keeks says:

People say it gets easy, but they never made you. Loving you is crazy, but ain't nothin' I'd rather do."

Charley J adds his two-sense to the calm guitar-playing beat:

"We in the same boat and it's sinking, I never truly know what you're thinking. So can I pick your brain?"

Their new song can be heard below:

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