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  • Bridney C.

[Music Video] Suave-Ski - "Right Now"

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

By Bridney C.

Connecticut Rapper, Suave-Ski at a Photoshoot in Collaboration with DRH Portraits for Creative Konnection

Suave-Ski is making his first appearance on Sweet Scoop Media for his bass-bumping new single, Right Now. His artistic talent shines through each song and project he releases and his new music video is no exception.

Right Now tells the story of a male who admires a female love interest, but struggles with finding the time to balance his life with spending time with her. Starring Tehah Silfvenius as his love interest, the song deals with the male protagonist questioning whether he should move forward or let things be.

His swift lyrics throughout the track leaves listeners in awe as he switches between the chorus and the verses. Suave-Ski raps, "This chick good in every hood, all 'cause she the baddest / Always claiming she a savage, I don't blame for the sadness / Not worth all the baggage, I ain't worried 'bout her status."

His extensive musical capabilities always leaves his fans in for a treat and he does not disappoint on his newest record. The ethereal, simple instrumental allows Suave-Ski's vocals to shine through the arrangement.

"The best part about filming [the music video] was having the whole team at Creative Konnection on deck behind the scenes and networking with new people like Tehah. Coming together to create art is always a fun experience with us, I look forward to getting much more visuals and content out to the world this year and growing our brand and business," says the 30-year-old rapper.

The mellow rhythm accompanied by a hard-hitting beat seethes through giving it a very laid-back feel. Kick back and watch the new music video below.

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