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  • Bridney C.

A Celebration of Being Perfectly Imperfect with Casey Spec

Meet the Visual Artist Who Incorporates Elements of Human Tragedy Into His Work

By Bridney C.

"My recent work is an explosion of personal mythology, a story based on a journey through the forests of the afterlife."

It is a pleasure to interview experimental video and performance artist Casey Spec for the Sweet Scoop. Hailing from Norwich, Connecticut, the art he creates is an analysis of human tragedy.

In his work, Spec explores the themes of heartbreak, drama, and comedy. He creates a "soap-opera" world of characters that are "marred by smudged mascara, cigarette breath, and social ineptitude."

The 35-year-old is a storyteller who reflects the personal, dramatic, and terrifying situations everyday people go through into his art. His two biggest passions are his "Art and Spark," which both go hand in hand for him.

Painting in the Dark Again, 2020. Acrylic, Mixed Media. 24"x24"

He started in theater as an actor, and after being exposed to the art world, he moved further away from traditional theater. His inspirations have moved from Shakespeare to Arthur Miller, John Waters, Todd Solondz, and finally, to Kathy Acker.

His first artworks from childhood consist of sketches of his cat, who he says he was obsessed with drawing. His recent work has been inspired by an explosion of his mythology, a story based on his journey through the world of the afterlife.

Recently, he has been exploring three-dimensional mediums, casting in plaster, silicone molding, and doll making techniques. He is currently the Executive Director at Spark Makerspace, a non-profit art, and technology workshop in New London, Connecticut.

"I wouldn't know how to describe my style. I like raw, unfinished, imperfect, portraiture, narrative-driven work, and I hope my pieces reflect this," says Spec.

New World, 2020.Acrylic, Mixed Media. 36"x36"

Children and youth have always played a big part in the artist. He finds the expressions of children best reflect the rawest of human emotion.

"They don't hold back, and they reek of uninhibited honesty. Screaming, crying, or laughing, the world has not yet told children to hold back."

He is inspired partially by all things horror and says it tugs at his heartstrings. He has respect for those who work in the horror genre because of the amount of creativity and surprises that do well to spook others.

"The images are visceral, terrifying, and haunting. A creator of horror is trying to play with the extreme emotional response.  And who doesn't love a good ghost story?"

During Halloween season, Spec enjoys carving pumpkins and being a part of the freak culture he refers to as finding "wide-scale validation" for the things most people find strange.

Birth and Enlightening 2, 2020. Mixed Media Sculpture. 5.5"x5.5"

For the past two years, Spec has hosted Goth Prom, an annual fundraiser for Spark Makerspace. He loved putting on a dress, wig, and getting into character for the night.    

"Usually, Halloween is huge... I love throwing huge parties, inviting everyone into an elaborately curated world of gothic fantasy. But it's not safe to party this year," says Spec.

Spec describes 2020 as being horrible for many who have lost loved ones or struggled financially but is optimistic about the future of his art career.

"I have very general goals to try to show more [of my art] outside New London. And to keep creating, making, and collaborating. That's all I want."


Why make us so weak? 2018. Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media. 24"x31"

For more updates and to see more from Casey Spec, be sure to follow him

on Instagram @caseyspec and be sure to visit his website,


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