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  • Bridney C.

Connecting Cultures with Visual Artist Rebecca Fowke

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The Vibrant and Sunny American-Zimbabwean Artist Talks About Her Artistic Journey & Some of Her Favorite Art Pieces

By Bridney C.

22-year old Connecticut artist, Rebecca Fowke

Rebecca Fowke is a 22-year-old mixed media visual artist who is currently working on artworks that touch on “feminine energy,” or themes of women empowerment. Her art typically focuses on the themes of maturity, self-acceptance, and exploration. Also referring to her art as experimental, she says she plays with different color palettes and enjoys using different materials from crayons to oil.

“My personal connection to art is that I am a mother. I’m birthing ideas, feelings, and logical thinking… So many systems inspire me and it helps that I have had the opportunity to be apart from two cultures, Southern Africa and American culture.”

Born in Zimbabwe, Rebecca attended primary school in Johannesburg and Cape Town and moved to America soon after. Rebecca discovered her love for visual art in the summer of 2019.

Referring to it as “accidental,” Rebecca says that she started painting randomly in the summer and her mother’s friend noticed she enjoyed painting. For her birthday, she purchased art supplies for Rebecca.

Ego Death, one of her favorite art pieces, was created during a period of self-discovery and maturation. The center is an image of the “the self,” and grounded on the sides stand femininity and masculinity.

Another art piece she considers to be her favorite is Ego, centered around the theme of maturation. Once more, “the self” is at the center. There is a dance with self and otherness. Her third favorite art piece is a journal drawing that came out well.

“Art is not important for self-expression, our development is and it manifests as art, being a doctor, or even being repressed,” says Rebecca.


Be sure to follow Rebecca Fowke on Instagram @becklovesmangoes.

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