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  • Bridney C.

A Behind-the-Scenes Scoop on "Respect the Kruse"

By Bridney C.

Cover art for A Kruse's EP, "Respect the Kruse."

New London's own A Kruse released his EP, "Respect the Kruse," released on all streaming services on July 30th.

After "working and staying consistent" on recording music, Kruse unexpectedly put together an EP. A Kruse says each song came together really nicely, and each song demanded attention.

He decided to name the finished project "Respect the Kruse." All 6 tracks were recorded in three 2-hour studio sessions.

The sound of "Respect the Kruse" is just complete. This to me feels like how Micheal Jordan felt when he had his first big game in his rookie year.

His favorite song off of the release is "City High," elaborating that the overall story on that song is outstanding and well delivered. A Kruse continues to record and plan more future releases, stating that he plans to collaborate with other local artists.

"The most memorable thing that stood out is really just the experience. Seeing all things that my team and I planned come to fruition. Shoutout to The HomeTeam."

Stream "Respect the Kruse" here.

Fun Fact: "City High" is A Kruse's favorite song off of his new release "Respect the Kruse."


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