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  • Bridney C.

Joss Marie: All About Her New EP, "I Don't Do Romance"

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

By Bridney C.

Joss Marie, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Willimantic, Connecticut.

Joss Marie is back. And bold.

The independent singer-songwriter got candid about her newest EP release tentatively set to hit streaming platforms on January 20th. Her EP, titled "I Don't Do Romance" is named after her being "the biggest hopeless romantic," a personal self-characteristic of hers.

Marie describes the songs from her project to be self-empowering, as well as touching on the themes of hope, trustworthiness, and longing. She considers "I Don't Do Romance" to fall under the bedroom pop-alternative genre with influences of R&B and acoustic guitar in her music.

The songs off of the EP are considered to be very personal and self-reflective on her life experiences. According to her, she's most proud of creating her own "astonishing" original music that gives her the same "feel good" vibe her favorite songs by famous artists on the radio give her.

"I’m constantly coming up with ideas for new material, motifs on the keys, melody lines, or lyrics. I’ve probably spent a good 30 hours putting all of this together," Marie told the Sweet Scoop Media.

Her top three favorite songs off "I Don't Do Romance" are Shoulder to Cry On, Costa Rica, and Fallin For Ya.

"Even the tracks that have been released before got revamped for this, so each of those took about 2 days to prepare before I could even record vocals. The rest was built from the ground up, and hours of playing piano with a metronome," says Marie.

Joss Marie says her return to releasing new songs came after realizing her passion for music was being put on the back burner to focus on her studies as a vocal performance major at UCONN.

"Since starting music school at the collegiate level, I feel like I've been drifting further and further away from what makes music enjoyable for me. It’s kind of hard to enjoy the music you’re dealing with when everything you do is contingent with a grade and often harsh judgment," says Joss Marie.

Marie is looking forward to releasing new music and performing more gigs throughout 2020. She recently hired her guitarist, Jake and is excited about not only creating new music with him but also performing on stage with him as well.

She is ready to face her fears and is excited to see how many new pairs of ears her music will reach later this year. You go girl!

Be sure to listen to Joss Marie on Soundcloud. Follow her on her Facebook Page, Twitter @The_Joss_Marie, and Instagram @the_joss_marie for news, updates, and future shows.


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