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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] EricBTheName - "Origins"

By Bridney C.

While under quarantine, EricBTheName continues to release music. The 28-year-old rapper released his new single, "Origins" on all music streaming platforms on March 27th.

The rapper says the song is inspired by hard times he experienced, referring to it as a "dark period" for him. "I delt with a lot of criticism, mostly from people telling me I didn't sound good, and that I would never make it with a music career," says Eric.

He also says it was initially hard for him to find his sound, and to connect with the right audience when he first started his career. Eric has been productive during the quarantine, recording, and engineering up to 2 songs a day.

He also engineers for other artists at his at-home recording studio, calling it his "private space."

"I consider it my home away from home. It is my escape," says Eric.

Listen to "Origins" on Soundcloud.

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