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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] Young Thotty - "Elektrik Slide"

By Bridney C.

It's electric! Young Thotty releases another booty shaking, club banger.

He released "Elektrik Slide" on April 5th on all music streaming platforms. In the bass-driven, feel-good track, Young Thotty created a song based on his life. Thotty considers "Elektrik Slide" to be his favorite song because "as catchy and simple the lyrics seem, they are more complex than they seem."

"I say in the song, 'I want love, but you know thats not what imma choose. Cuz its electric, so I cant let that slide' and 'it gets electric if a n***a say he gon slide.' Those lines were both used in terms where 'Electric' is used to describe those situations," says Thotty.

According to Thotty, he compares the feeling of certain aspects in his life to being electric.

"Life is an electric feeling, but i cant let it slide... N***as don't want static, and it gets electric this way when it comes to beef," says Thotty.

Taking inspiration from Marcia Griffiths' 1989 song, "Electric Boogie," Thotty says he thought of the cadence before creating the rest of the song. He heard the beat and instantly thought of "boogie woogie woogie."

Speaking of the "Electric Boogie," can Young Thotty dance to it?

Yes he can. His favorite dance to do is the Cupid Shuffle, especially on his birthday which falls on Valentine's Day.

"Elektrik Slide" can be heard on Soundcloud and YouTube.

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