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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] Young Thotty - "It's Okay"

By Bridney C.

Young Thotty is still keeping the music alive. While the world remains on lockdown, the New London rapper released "It's Okay" on all music streaming platforms on March 28th.

As a way for fans to cope with their isolation, Thotty released a feel-good, tuneful song that touches on the subjects of love and relationships. He says he has not made any songs that are based on his feelings towards a significant other.

"I handle heartbreak before it ever occurs... I might want you, but if you're not giving me the time or the love you should be giving, I'm not gonna sit around and wait for it. And I feel more people should have that mindset," says Thotty.

Containing the lyric, "I'm gone in my own head, I'm on to my own bread," the 24-year-old says the inclusion was inspired by questions being asked to him in a conversation between another woman.

For example, “why are you so quiet?” (Insert lyrics) “why can't you open up more?” (Insert Lyrics), is a method Thotty uses in his songs where his lyrics answer questions derived from real-life events he experienced. He says he will not name specifically who inspired those lyrics, but "if the shoe fits," then those lyrics could pertain to anyone.

In Thotty's opinion, is love overrated or underrated?

He says love is underrated. According to Thotty, love is the strongest feeling and considers it to be the strongest feeling after hatred.

"No matter how tough and boujee we all act and rap, we've all felt love, and we've all lost love," says Thotty.

"It's Okay" can be heard on Soundcloud and YouTube.

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