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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] Young Thotty - "Yeah, Okay"

By Bridney C.

Young Thotty released a new single? Yeah, okay.

He released "Yeah, Okay"on March 12th on all music streaming platforms. Compared to his other singles, the overall sound is different which allowed Thotty to come out of this comfort zone in order to rap to a beat with a new sound.

He used a similar cadence to the Michael Jackson song, "Smooth Criminal" and added his own twist to it. Similar to Jackson's "Annie are you okay?," Thotty poses the question "Thotty are you okay?"

According to Thotty, he will be using more cadences in his future music that are influenced by other singers as a way to pay homage to their artistry. They connect to his life which is why he twists their lyrics to best fit his songs.

He says Michael Jackson was not necessarily an inspiration for him or his music, but he was an an "icon" who created memorable music and lyrics that were cherished by many. "It feels amazing being able to bring lyrics that were so loved into this newer style of music we have today," says Thotty.

Thotty says he freestyled the chorus on the song on the first take, then he freestyled the verses on the second take. In the fast-paced, high energy song featuring a Spanish guitar throughout, Thotty discusses the themes of jealousy and envy.

Elaborating more on the topic of "Yeah, Okay" he says:

"I can easily say that most people I know from my city [New London, Connecticut], especially other artists inspired this song... Growing up nobody in my city supported me or my music. Other local artists have actually pushed me away because I wasn't on Apple Music or my lyrics weren't on Genius at the time. But look at all I am accomplishing so far in 2020," says Thotty.

"Yeah, Okay" can be heard on Soundcloud and YouTube.

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