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  • Bridney C.

Q&A with Singer, Joe Salcedo

By Bridney C.

18-year-old Joseph Salcedo posing in front of the Don Cesar Hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida.

It is a pleasure to interview Joe Salcedo for the Sweet Scoop.

Joe is an 18-year-old singer, video producer, and content creator, from New London, Connecticut. Salcedo does not come from a musical background, but credits his mother who involved him in many programs and musical organizations when he was younger.

Aside from singing, Salcedo is currently attending Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. He also is a businessman who owns his media company, Joe Salcedo Media that specializes in creating videos and marketing content for businesses.

In this edition of Q&A, Joe Salcedo describes his musical sound, revealed his favorite song cover he has done, and his business.

Bridney C: How would you describe your musical sound?

Joe Salcedo: My musical sound leans more towards the independent singer-songwriter genre. When I sing, I generally find that my style most closely resembles an indie artist. I love acoustic instruments; I love playing the piano and hopefully will learn how to play the guitar one day, as well as also pop songs like Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, and much more.

BC: Have you performed locally at shows or open mics? If so, where?

JS: Before the pandemic happened and especially when I was younger, I used to perform at a lot of shows! One of the biggest shows that I performed at was the New London Youth Talent Show, which regularly saw over 1500 people at a sold-out show, at the Garde Arts Center.

BC: What is your favorite original song you have performed so far? What is your favorite song cover you have performed?

JS: I have not personally performed any songs myself, but I have done a lot of covers. One of my favorite ones was one that I recently just did a couple of months ago was called “Break My Heart Again” by FINNEAS. I also just did a cover with my girlfriend called “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith, which was a ton of fun. I would love to team up with more people in the future.

BC: Musically, what are you currently working on?

JS: Currently, I am listening to songs and trying to figure out what song works best for covers. I could actually use some ideas of what would be best, and if you [Bridney] have any ideas please let me know.

BC: In addition to singing, what are some other passions you are currently pursuing?

JS: I have another strong passion that goes hand in hand with my singing. Currently, I run a small freehand business called Joe Salcedo MediaWhere I work with local small businesses providing them social media-friendly content. On top of that, I run a personal YouTube channel as well, where I post fun travel vlogs about going different places.

BC: If you could travel back in time to meet a famous musician who would it be?

JS: I would most likely meet Frank Sinatra. Everything about his style of music is amazing, from him singing fly me to the moon, to how he sang with other people too. He gave me a lot of inspiration to perform today.

BC: If you could be any fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why?

JS: I love mangos. All tropical fruit actually, but there’s something about mangos that I like. I especially like mangos in smoothie form, and if someone ever made me a mango smoothie, I would love them forever.

Salcedo working on a video project in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To hear and see more from Joe Salcedo, be sure to follow him on Instagram

@joe.salcedo_. Subscribe to his Youtube channel, Joe Salcedo

and add him on Snapchat at @joseph_salcedo.


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