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  • Bridney C.

[Song Spotlight] A Kruse - "MAMBA"

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

By Bridney C.

We at the Sweet Scoop Media dedicate this first edition of the Song Spotlight series to A Kruse, a rapper from New London, Connecticut. We dug a little deeper to analyze and get the scoop on everything there is to know about his song, "MAMBA."

Containing playful lyrics including the line, "shootin' in the gym, I feel like Kobe, "A Kruse released his single "MAMBA" on February 9th. The single was inspired by the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

The name of the song pays homage to Bryant's nickname, "The Black Mamba" and his "hustler, go-getter" mindset referred to as the "Mamba Mentality" that inspired many of his fans, including Kruse.

Kruse first came across the song instrumental when a friend of his was sent a beat pack and asked Kruse to listen to it with him. His friend disliked the beat, but according to Kruse the beat "stuck out" to him with the subtle intro and bold drop.

He then started to write down the lyrics for "MAMBA," taking no longer than 20 minutes to write it in its entirety. According to Kruse, the best part about creating the song was hearing it throughout his studio session.

"For it to finally be recorded and you can hear your ideas out loud. The most fun thing about this song, in particular, had to be the video for sure," says Kruse.

The music video took 3 days to be filmed in a few different locations in Southeastern Connecticut. Filming took place the first day at a home Kruse shares with a few of his friends to give the music video "that bachelor feel."

"The second day was the location scenes. We went to a local store that must remain unnamed at this point and also managed to get permission from a lawyer to use his building for the office/bathroom scenes. The last day was the only performance scenes we shot for the video," says Kruse.

The majority of the footage that during the first and second days was B-roll or extra footage that was included in the final version of the music video. The final scenes were shot in a parking lot in downtown New London in 22-degree weather.

Kruse says he spends time in the studio several days a week and releases new singles every 10-14 days. "I plan on slowing that down at the moment just to bring bigger records with better results," Kruse told the Sweet Scoop Media.

"I surround myself with like minded people who love being in the stu [studio], so even if they’re working on something I’m right there in the cut."

Listen to "MAMBA" on YouTube.

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