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The Sweet Scoop on "06320" with Clara K

By Bridney C.

Clara K New London Rapper
Cover art for Clara K's single, "06320"

New London's very own Clara K released her highly anticipated new single, "06320" on May 22nd. This marks the first new single from Clara since last year’s "Who Dat" and “Talk to Me Nice.”

The 21-year-old spitfire reflects on her struggles and hardships while speaking about the present times over the fast-paced, piano-driven track.

Paying homage to the city where she is from which is New London, Connecticut, she raps "06320 is where I'm from, if I make it that's still gon' be my home / I'm switchin' the flow to let y'all know I'm ready to blow / I'm ready to go I'm 'bout to be one of the illest you know.”

Clara embraces her Puerto Rican roots on the track by incorporating a few Spanish words into her raps, "They steady try to beat me down, but out here movin' kinda slow / I'm that gringa from the L if you ain't know then now you know."

"I am beyond grateful for all the love I am receiving from my city. Also, shoutout to those tuned in from outside my city as well," says Clara K.

Clara K New London Rapper
New London Rapper, Clara K

Clara K first got her start in the local music scene a year ago. She started out writing music as an outlet of expression, writing lyrics about past events in her life she chose not to speak about to others.

She asserts her emotions were raw on "06320" and wanted to make sure listeners knew she meant and expressed what she rapped about. Clara says she has kept a lot of her feelings bottled up inside, and says it's nice to "pour out" her emotions into her music.

Her stage name was conceived after a night of hanging out with her brothers. They asked her to spit a freestyle, joking around, and calling her "Clara K" due to her middle name's first initial that starts with a K.

"They [my brothers] said, 'well, if you ever start making music and become famous that has to be your stage name.'"

Clara says there were initial setbacks she faced, but says it was nothing major. She says it was more or less of her being indecisive about certain personal content while creating "06320."

Clara K New London Rapper

However, Clara K did say that one of the toughest parts about breaking into the local rap scene as a female rapper was doing so without dressing in risqué outfits or flashing her body. She says can dress cute every now and then, but insists she is a cozy, sweat pants type of gal.

"I don’t want Clara K to be who I think the world would prefer her to be, but be who she really is."

She did offer a word of advice for her fan base and upcoming female rappers. "Compel yourself each day to do something you would rather not do. It can be hard but can be worth it when you least expect it."

How does Clara K feel to receive a ton of positive feedback since releasing "06320?"

"It’s definitely a breath of fresh air seeing this amount of love at the beginning of my journey," says Clara K.

Listen to "06320" on Soundcloud.

To hear and see more from Clara K, be sure to follow her

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