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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] WillXo & Jay DaArtist - LieToMe (Remix)

By Bridney C.

Single Cover Artwork for "LieToMe"

Connecticut music producer and occasional singer-rapper, WillXo teams up with his best friend and rapper, Jay DaArtist on the remix to the 2021 song, LieToMe. Released on April 24th, the slow-paced remix, backed up with a soothing guitar melody first appeared on the two-track EP, LoveLetterPackage.

Will says LieToMe is one of his favorite songs he has recorded thanks to his friend, Yvng Kidd who produced the instrumental. Will says by re-releasing the song, he is adding life to something he cherishes and holds close to him.

The original song is about a toxic relationship that is causing both parties pain, but they both continue to be with each other. The lyrics to the song hit home for Will because of his past relationships and wanted to make it relatable for his listeners.

WillXo engineering and recording the session for LieToMe
"In the back of your head, you know the relationship is not going to work - but you still hold on," says Will explaining the theme of the song.

Will decided to give the song a new twist and have a rapper featured on the remix who could put their heart and soul into it. Jay was approached by Will to be a featured artist on the remix to LieToMe, and without hesitation, Jay excitedly recorded his verse as a business move to connect with and brand himself as an artist.

"I choose to be authentic to my audience because I believe music speaks louder when your music comes from the heart. It shows your true self I don’t see myself as a rapper, but more of an artist which is why I added 'DaArtist' to the end of my name. My lyrics are inspired by the life I lived, the life I live, the life I feel I deserve, and the life I always wanted," says Jay.

Jay DaArtist recording his verse inside the studio

Jay says he is grateful for those who have been touched by his music and his supporters. Will is currently creating a collaborative album that will not feature him on any of his self-produced songs.

Unsure about the release date, Will is taking his time to release the "best possible product" and is not rushing the project. Featuring other artists, he intends on exploring different genres and tailoring his beats to the artist's sound.

Referring to his sound as bringing out "good vibes," Will considers his instrumentals to be some of the best beats he has ever made and is looking forward to having his work represented positively.

"Jay was going to be a perfect representation of the song, so I knew he was the man for the job, and I am proud of how it came out," says WillXo.

LieToMe can be heard on Spotify.


Jay DaArtist

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