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  • Bridney C.

[New Single Release] Young Thotty - "My Face"

By Bridney C.

He's back ladies and gentlemen. After spending eight months locked up, Young Thotty returns with a new melodic and energetic single, My Face.

"I look at it as a minor setback for a major comeback... 2021 I'm going all in," says Young Thotty.

Released on January 14th, My Face was recorded as a freestyle at The Hit Room Studios in New London, Connecticut. Taking only 15 minutes to complete, Thotty says the song was not rehearsed beforehand and came naturally to him during the recording process.

Having no intentions of turning it into an R&B song, he imagined the song sounding completely different than the version that was recorded and released. Deciding to center his song's theme similarly to 2020's Hoe Shit, he knew he wanted to release a song where he spoke about how different people are starting to treat him because of his rising fame.

"That's what I like most about the track. It gave it a special element that I feel made the song catchy and tolerable," says Thotty.

Despite the song appearing to be about a lost love, Thotty says his song is not directed towards or influenced by any specific person. Despite his setbacks, he does not plan to give up on music and believes that if someone never quits on something they love can present an array of positive results.

"Patience is a big key to a relationship. Be patient in understanding, be patient in anger, and be patient in sadness. Shit gets crazy when you want to rush everything, especially arguments. Take your space, calm down, and talk again when your heart isn't racing," says Young Thotty.

For the rest of 2021, Young Thotty hopes to work on more features and network with other artists. He also hopes to release music videos and possibly, his first compilation depending on how everything turns out.

My Face can be heard on Soundcloud and YouTube.

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