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  • Bridney C.

R&B Soul Singer, Alyssia Davis

Meet the New Englander Who Has an Affinity for Music & Performing

By Bridney C.

New England-based singer-songwriter, Alyssia Davis is an up-and-coming artist who focuses on singing about personal struggles and connecting to her audience. With Valentine’s Day approaching in less than two weeks, Alyssia is preparing for her first showcase.

She will be one of fifteen artists performing at the Anti Valentine's Day Show showcase in Bridgeport, Connecticut which is projected to be one of the biggest showcases in the state. Other well-known artists on the roster include established artists, Clara K and Jada Eve.

“It is my first show and honestly, I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I know it will be a great experience,” says Alyssia.

Promotional Poster for the Anti-Valentine Showcase

Aside from being booked for shows, Alyssia is also working on a new song that will be released soon that will focus on her harmonizing and melodies. She also plans to release a string of singles experimenting with different sounds and styles.

As a child, she always felt a connection to music and relied on it to help cope with stressful and overwhelming situations. “My mom would let me use her CD player and I would play the song, Separated by Avant, over and over again. I don’t even know how those lyrics affected me at age 7, but I felt them,” says Alyssia recalling the first time a song impacted her.

A natural writer, she wrote poems and essays in her free time. Once she graduated high school, she continued her creative writing which led to her writing songs.

At age 19, she finished and recorded a total of 3 songs in one session that was first written when she was 17. Citing those songs as monumental, Alyssia says those songs helped her heal from a past relationship.

Her favorite song she penned is titled Afraid. Considering it as one of her meaningful songs, it was written in a day and a half and the melody came naturally to her.

When writing the song, she used parts of her own story and thought of moments where she felt nervous. Afraid is a song Alyssia turns to whenever she is in doubt.

As an artist, she says she is a free thinker who almost always writes a song to a beat that catches her attention. She then freestyles to the beat lasting up to 30 minutes or more.

Allowing her words to flow freely, Alyssia completes her songs in a notebook. “It’s genuine and more intimate. It lets me connect more to my music.”

Creating music has allowed Alyssia to connect with other artists around New England and has plans to collaborate with them on music. Through the use of social media, she notices the benefit of understanding other creatives from their perspectives that teach her more about her own artistry.

She is influenced by ’70s, ’80s, and 90’s R&B and enjoys listening to R&B music in her free time to help with songwriting. Her main goal is to be a songwriter and write music for mainstream artists. She hopes to one day write a song for the City Girls about real issues and the struggles of life that people go through.


To hear and see more from Alyssia Davis, be sure to follow her on Instagram @alyssia_davis and Twitter @alyssiadavis8. You can stream her music on Spotify.


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